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The term liquid democracy is unfamiliar for most humans at the moment. One easy way to explain its meaning is that liquid democracy is a mix between representative (indirect, parliamentary) democracy and direct (referendums, popular vote) democracy.

Therefore, liquid democracy is an idea that individuals should be able to constantly engage in conversation and decision-making process. This includes the process of voting on different topics via different delegates (representatives) depending on the issue and policy area.

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Some facts and insights about #Sweden in relation to #1may2021 #InternationalLaborDay

  • The working class, in general, is smaller in numbers and percentage as compared to the 1980s and 1990s. This is mainly to do with post-industrial developments as automation, digitalisation, robotisation. Sweden today is one of the most globalised, open and service-based economics in the world.
  • In politics, there is still much rhetoric about the working class. However, the historical working-class parties as Social-Democrats and Left Party (former communists) are today managerial and service-sector class parties in the first place. This is also a part of the post-industrial change.
  • With…

En liberal värld bygger på människans frihet och suveränitet

Globala problem kräver inte bara globala lösningar som rörande policyn och program. Utöver det behövs fler världsmedvetna medborgare och gemensamma institutioner för hela mänskligheten på långsikt. Nationalismen är till skillnad från 1800-talet idag en politisk kraft som är bakåtsträvande och auktoritär samt förtrycker och begränsar individen. Därför är det viktigt att liberaler strävar för en värld där människor kan samarbeta som fria världsmedborgare.

I slutet av 1800-talet var Vladimir Jovanovic en av Serbiens främsta politiker känd för sin kritik av kungahuset och adelns privilegier samt för krav på frihetsreformer och demokratisering…



  • The US state of Wyoming is famous for higher levels of economic freedom as regarding taxation and businesses.
  • Wyoming is in recent years famous as “a new Delaware, crypto-friendly state, blockchain hub”.
  • During 2018–2020, Wyoming’s legislators have passed several laws enabling businesses and banks to operate on crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.


Wyoming is known as one of the “tax-friendly” US states with lower overall taxation levels and higher levels of economic freedom. For example, the Limited Liability Company type (LLC) was established in Wyoming before becoming common in other parts of the USA.

Many cryptocurrency users, investors and enthusiasts…

“Liberate capitalism!” Source: Studio S, SVT.

In 1981, Swedish Publish Service Television (Svensk Television or SVT) made a documentary about “the new liberalism”. The documentary consisting of presentations, interviews and debates was made by SVT’s Studio S , a program focusing on society and debate in contemporary Sweden during 1976–1984. Some of the contemporary topics presented and debated were seen as very sensitive and controversial as in cases of discussions about “video violence” and the Swedish royal family.

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In this article, I am writing about some recent developments concerning globalisation. Here is the January update.

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Every month I am aspiring to write about some of the recent developments concerning decentralisation. Here are some examples:

Internet and Social Media

It’s FOSS has an article about 9 decentralised alternatives to social media as Facebook and Twitter. Find out more about alternatives as Minds and Mastodon.

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Vad innebär det att vara borgerlig?

Historiskt sett har begreppet borgerlig samt borgerlighet handlat om grupper, skråväsen och klassidentifikation som rörande handelsmän, apotekare, butiksägare i Europas städer. Till exempel under Hanansunionen och 1700-talets Sverige.

Burgoise” alltså borgarklassen, var ett centralt begrepp i samband med den franska revolutionen 1789, 1800-talets urbanisering och industrialisering. Den marxistiska och socialistiska ideologin bygger bland annat på idéer om “en klasskamp” mellan arbetare och borgerliga.

I Sverige har begreppet borgerlig i modern tid, som sedan 1970-talet inneburit aspekter som anti-socialism, marknadsliberalism, högerorientering i politiken. …

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The recent development concerning Donald Trump, his moderate and militant supporters, and the Capitol's coup attempt, the US-Congress building, is making headlines worldwide. Billions of people are shocked by the riots, violence and anti-democratic behaviours in the USA.

Many politicians and opinion-makers in Europe have been either endorsing and supporting Trump's personality or proposing that his policies should be implemented. For example, as with Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

In this article, my ambition is to present some of the reactions and behaviours among right-wing opinion-makers in Sweden. Meaning those with market-liberal, centre-right and/or moderate conservative profiles.

The case is…

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In one of his recent speeches, the political-scientist and classical liberal thinker Francis Fukuyama argues that humans are not self-centred individuals, not in the first place. While liberalism as a set of ideas is based on views and arguments that humans are self-interested creatures regarding economic interactions, Fukuyama argues that humans are “social animals” who prefer to be members of communities and feel strong attachments to each other.

When looking on science in general, what Fukuyama argues is true. Yes, humans can be self-interested and driven by different interests as economic and social ones, such as personal wealth and work-life…

Vladan Lausevic

I am active as a social and policy entrepreneur. SEEDS ambassador. Motto: I have no identity, I have only identities.

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