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This post is based on the article The prospects of an EU-level Universal Basic Income written by François Denuit via the European Green Foundation.

Denuit defines European Universal Basic Income (EUBI) as a periodic and partial cash payment paid by the EU to all legal residents living within its borders, on an individual basis, and without resources or work requirement conditions. EUBI is similar to that of ideas for a national UBI. Still, EUBI is a “partial” basic income because its level is not sufficient to provide everyone with the means for subsistence on its own.

The author writes that…

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In their article “Global Trends in 2021. How COVID-19 is Transforming International Development” Mikaela Gavas and Samuel Pleeck are writing for the Center for Global Development about recent economic, social and technical trends in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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This article is based on a report by think-tank EUROCITIES called “Playing by the rules Report on e-scooter operators and fleets in cities - a survey of city approaches and options to optimise regulations.”

Electric scooters (e-scooters) have since 2015 grown rapidly in availability and popularity across Europe. There are several positive aspects of e-scooters, such as eco-mobility and making transportation easier in everyday big city life. At the same time, there are challenges for cities such as safety, use of public space, traffic management and others.

In the EU, there are different regulations when it comes to public transportation…

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In their article “Emergency Basic Income during the Pandemic”, researchers Jurgen De Wispelaere and Leticia Morales are writing about the case for an Emergency Basic Income (EBI) concerning the current Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic. Researchers argue that an EBI would, from an economic and welfare point of view, be a more efficient way to handle economic and social problems during a pandemic period. The authors argue that paying each resident a monthly cash amount for the duration of the crisis would serve to protect them from the economic fallout.

Health and economy

According to researchers, the disastrous impact on the global…

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This article is based on the article Self-Sovereign Identity in a Globalized World: Credentials-Based Identity Systems as a Driver for Economic Inclusion by Fennie Wang and Primavera De Filippi.

Understanding identity

The term “identity” can be defined in different manners as for example in psychology regarding personality, beliefs and other personal attributes. From a legal standpoint, an identity can be associated with the concept of a “natural person”, an actual human being, or a “legal person” which might refer to a company, collective or community.

In science, identity formation is recognised as an ongoing and liquid process, whereby a person’s…

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I sen krönika via Opulens skriver Lars Anders Johansson om “kulturkriget” som är det populära begreppet för att beskriva politiska konflikter om icke-ekonomiska aspekter som religion, humanitär migration och identifikation. Alltså när det kommer till politiska konflikter om kulturella (inlärda) beteenden och värderingar.

För mig är texten till en stor del väldigt reflekterande och intressant. Johansson har rätt bland annat i att kulturkriget inte är något nytt i historien. Förvisso är fallet att politiken i Sverige historiskt har varit mer “endimensionell” i meningen att ekonomiska frågor som rörande välfärd, skatter och arbetsmarknaden har ansetts som viktigare i samhällsdebatten.

Johansson skriver…

My school work about Putin’s Russia

Some months ago I opened some old files from the 2000s where I also stored the assignments that I wrote as a high-school student in Sweden. Since I was a social science student, I admired subjects as history and international relations was learning the Russian language and even went to a study exchange for one week in St: Petersburg, I decided during my last high school year to write an assignment about politics and society in Russia.

The choice for my work became to analyse “Nashi (Ours), a pro-Putin youth movement in Russia organised…

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One part of discussions regarding cryptocurrencies is how such currencies are interacting with and impacting democracy. There are several reasons why cryptocurrencies should be seen as good for democracy when it comes to making it easier and convenient for humans to participate in conversation and decision-making processes. Here are some examples.


Commonly, cryptocurrencies lead to organising communities of supporters and developers. Such communities are often using applications like Telegram and Discord in order for members to engage in discussions. Specific cryptocurrencies as Cardano and Seeds have established communities with decentralised direct and liquid democracy. This means that members can…

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Sweden is famous for being one of the world’s best functioning democracies. Around 100 years ago, Sweden became a more inclusive representative democracy when voting rights were also granted to women. Until the 1950s, Sweden was together with some other European countries as France and Denmark, among the few democracies in the world. Different annual analyses such as Freedom House, Economist Democracy Index and Varieties of Democracy often place Sweden high on the score list on how democracy is functioning when it comes to freedoms, rights and media.

At the same time, during the 2010s, there have been several publications…

Deconstructing deglobalisation

Deglobalisation is a term that has the opposite meaning of globalisation. While globalisation has often been defined as increased flows of economic, technological and social interactions and flows across the world, deglobalisation is used in order to explain that such flows are decreasing.

Vladan Lausevic

I am active as a social and policy entrepreneur. SEEDS ambassador. Motto: I have no identity, I have only identities.

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