First Blockchain Beer in Sweden

Vladan Lausevic
2 min readMay 15, 2021


I recently bought a batch of “Helt spårat” beer produced in three regions based in southern and south-eastern Sweden. The beer’s name means “fully traceable” or completely traceable and is the first beer in Sweden with production based on the direct usage of blockchain technology.

Brewed in Smolandia, hopes from Scania, grain malt from Eastern Gothia

The reason for the usage of blockchain is that the consumer can read about the beer’s production process and cycle. This is done by using a QR-code application on a smartphone. After using the QR function, one will be directed to the beer’s website as a consumer.

On the website one read about that:

  • Beer production is ecologically certified as regarding transports and ingredients
  • 6 companies and producers are involved in the production cycle
  • Blockchain service is provided by Foodchain
A traceable beer step by step

The beer itself is a lager (Kellebier type) unfiltered, unpasteurised beer with 5,2 % alcohol.

For more information about the beer and Ängöl (Meadow Beer) brewery, click on the following link.

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