How cats and dogs became purrfect symbols of pawerful Ukrainian resistance against the Russian invasion

Vladan Lausevic
5 min readJun 7, 2022


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, I have been following news via different sources, including Telegram channels such as . It did not take long until I started seeing photos of cats and dogs together with the Ukrainian military and police personnel, and with civilians, mainly children in different situations.

As a cat person, I admire our fluffy and purrfect creatures. I am also ok with dogs, especially German shepherds. And due to my work with political ideas and democracy, I am fully aware that such photos are a part of the propaganda.

This article aimed to show examples of animals intentionally or spontaneously used for promoting “hearts and minds” and propaganda. Objectively seen, photos of animals can raise interest, awareness, and emotions. Despite my support for the Ukrainian community, I am also aware that the Russian military and their supporters are doing the same.

There are important differences between Russia and Ukraine, including that democratic societies, often are better when it comes to animal rights, ethics, and welfare, which is not only important for animals but also for how we as humans shape our personalities and make relations to each other.

There are still many serious problems when it comes to Ukraine, and you should compare Ukraine and Russia regarding analysis and rankings when it comes to animal protection. Also, feel free to read more articles about what is happening in Ukraine regarding animals, such as in zoos in larger cities such as Kiev, in rural areas, and with individual refugees and displaced citizens.

So, when speaking about how cats and dogs, and other animals, became purrfect symbols of pawerful Ukrainian resistance against the Russian military, here are some of the following examples:

Stepan from Kharkiv is seen as the most famous cat in Ukraine and is an Instagram star.

Patron is mine sniffing dog and is now seen as of the best mine experts on the battlefield.

Phoenix (could be Feniks in Ukrainian) was affected by the fighting in areas near to Mariupol and received medical treatment.

Purrfect morning patrol in Odessa

Apparently, some cats do not have only purrfect but “patriotic” eyes.

Purrfect propaganda photo, taken somewhere on the frontline.

Pawerful and catsymbolic graffiti

After her place Borodyanka, Gloria became very famous and became more or less destroyed by the Russian military. She also appeared in an art piece.

Four young ladies :)

There is also an account on Twitter called UkrARMY cats & dogs.

Sentsov in his purrfect mode

Could be a name for a new movie?

A purrfect icon, indeed.

Photo from “Operation Paws”

One more pawerful photo from Borodianka

Purrfect rescue and care.

Pawpatrol and animal welfare in action.

A purrfect inspection in Odessa.

A moment of pawerful resistance and defiance.

Yes, one can see that cats have become a purrfect symbol of pawerful resistance against Russian aggression.

There are also stories of people leaving Ukraine during March and April. In this case, a pawerful story about a girl from south India who managed to bring her cat to safety and family home despite all problems with bureaucracy and laws.

Thanks for reading. Please support the Ukrainian community and members of the Russian community that are against the war.

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