Screwed in Tallinn — a small movie about loneliness

Source: SVT Öppet Arkiv
A fake newspaper ad from the movie. It says “Many women, chicks and ladies are waiting for you. Screwed in Tallinn. Your queen is living in the heart of Baltic. Leave your loneliness in Sweden-find your love in Estonia”. The local number for Stockholm 087846675 is not functional in real life.
Shows as Nile City can be found via Sweden’s Public Broadcaster SVT. From left to right, member of the Killing Gang: Henrik Schyffert, Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson.
“It can get messy.”
The businessmen Percey Nilegård talking about his work with “travel activities.”
(Nurse) “Is it straining little?” (Roland) “Oh God, it is straining so much”.
“Is this the sperm-bus to Tallinn?” asks Micke.
“We are heading towards Stockholm and Estonia-ferry,” says Percey to the excited gentleman.
“Can you pour some”?
“Who is the best? — Tallinn (19) 98-gang!”
The “de-luxe” love-bus is coming onboard.
“Cheers, guys.”
“It is very beautiful here in Tallinn.”
“Boys, we are getting closer to the hotel. A little bit forward here we have the excitement”, says Percey.
Four-star hotel “Paldiski Palace.”
“Devil Lenin”
Love is in the air.
“Time for numbers.”
“Welcome to Estonia”. Lembit presents the ladies.
“Can you shut up? I am trying to arrange something here” says Percey.
“And what do the man and the women do during the nearness, tenderness and free-time period?” Lennart asks rhetorically when presenting his system for living together as a couple.
A romantic gesture by Micke while Percey is still unaware of what is happening.
“Not even there? (Roland) — No (Percey)”
Since he loves Swedish “dansbandmusik” (dance band music), Roland is not shy to be the first gentleman to invite one of the ladies (Eda) to dance.
Micke did not follow the “watch but not touch” rule.
“Micke and Lembit are fighting down there.”
“Mr Cock, hehe. “
“The triangle drama.”
“The party is over.”
“It is as a monkey house inside there,” says Lennart to Percey.
“What are you doing here,” asks Percey? “Fucking” answers Jan.
“Roland feels uncomfortable when Magnus is smashing the fire extinguisher on the wall”.
“Well, once more, I am heading back to loneliness,” says one of the older gentlemen.
“My name is Luule Käss, and I am 24 years old.”
“At least it was exciting to see Estonia,” says Roland.
“You are not taking that bitch on the bus!” Percey says to Micke
“His and hers”.
  • Parts of the movie were shooted in Tallinn and Paldiski. The scenes regarding speed-dating were actually made in Stockholm at “Spånga Folkan” cultural centre.
  • Later on during the middle of 2000s, a DVD version of the movie was created including the “Collector’s edition” style framework with almost 40 minutes of “deleted scenes”.
  • Kongo. The bus driver’s name Lasse Kongo is from 1960s Stockholm dialect slang “Kongo” for describing individuals who are behaving “snuffy” and aggressive. This term was connected to contemporary experiences of Swedish soldiers as UN-peacekeepers in Congo.
  • Languages — Most of the movie was played in Swedish. The second most used language is Estonian, and in some scenes, English, Russian and Slovakian are used.
  • Economy. At the time when the movie was made, the economic differences between Sweden and Estonia were much higher than they are today. The movie was made five years before Estonia became an EU-country and more integrated into the Baltic Sea Region. For example, in 1999, the GDP per capita was $30,728 in Sweden while in Estonia, it was $4,155. Today, the GDP per capita in Sweden is around $55.815 while in Estonia, the GDP per capita is around $38,8100.
  • One inspiration for the movie was an episode called “Torskexpressen” (Sex-buyers express) about heterosexual men from Sweden going to Poland as to Gdansk in order to date and have sex with women there. This episode was shown by TV4 channel in their “Kalla fakta” (Cold facts) program in 1991.



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