SEEDS — New Global Green Deal

SEEDS is a regenerative movement and Seeds is our currency. In this article, as well as in other articles, you can learn more about the idea behind Seeds as a climate-friendly cryptocurrency that is aiming for enabling co-creative projects and human progress across the world.

For a start, SEEDS is an acronym for the following words and meanings:

Sowing — facilitating, financing, training, teaching, promoting and supporting

Equitable — repurposing systems, distributing value, social contribution, experimenting.

Ecological — regenerative movements, localisation, healing, commitment to our ecosystem

Decentralised — reversing centralisation and monopolisation of power from nation-states, banks and tech companies

Societies — the unification of bioregions, aiming for a vision of a more beautiful world for all life and creation of healthier communities for our children and us

New Global Green Deal

One of the main aims of the SEEDS community is to promote global regenerative development for our civilization in order to deal with problems of climate change. Climate-related problems do not care about national boundaries. The current economic and financial systems across the world are unsustainable. According to a United Nations Environment Program report in 2017, more than 5 trillion dollars were spent on subsidizing fossil fuel usage.

Another problem is that the main systems of governance centred around the function of nation-states give insufficient support and are limited in dealing with global issues, such as when it comes to climate problems. Therefore, SEEDS want to enable humanity to co-create the necessary solutions for our planet. For example, these include changing the current governance and economic systems based on financial overreach via quantitative easing (easy credits) made by central-banks in relation to the promotion of ecologically sustainable agricultural production.

SEEDS is promoting a cooperative and regenerative financial system where value is being based on human deeds and interactions. This means that members of the SEEDS community can:

  • Own a share of and be rewarded for activism within SEEDS
  • Finance the regeneration of our planet
  • Operate with trust and transparency (blockchain-based system)
  • Govern and influence via direct democracy

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If you’ve read this text, then join and co-create with us!

For more information, visit, and if you contact me via or Lauvlad89 on Telegram, you can get an invitation link with 100 Seeds.



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Vladan Lausevic

Vladan Lausevic

I am active as a social and policy entrepreneur. SEEDS ambassador. Motto: I have no identity, I have only identities.