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2 min readJul 8, 2023


Some notes regarding the recent human tragedy in the Meddeterianian

Photo by Kevin Bückert via Unsplash

-It is nothing new; similar tragedies occurred 2013, around 10 years ago regarding the tragedy near the island of Lessbos. Lessons still need to be learned.

- “Strong borders” are = dangerous and insecure borders. Because it is about making it harder and preventing humans from getting protection and security.

-” Border security” is often misused since the focus is on “protecting” a border instead of protecting humans. Police and rule of law institutions can operate and protect people over local administrative borders such as towns and cities. Why cannot similarly be done over country borders?

-Most people labeled as migrants are also refugees at the same time since people are fleeing from certain dangers, including poverty and economic dangers. Even when one is only (economically) a migrant, it still means one has human rights and should be treated with dignity by public institutions.

-Migration is also about quality of life and economic equality. When it is easier, safer, freer, and open to migrate and move between countries and world regions, it is easier for humans to find a better lifestyle and improve their economic situation.

-Today, there is enough developed technology so that every human can access legal ID, including using blockchain and cryptocurrency apps. There is no need to be stateless or without “papers.”

-For more humans to enjoy security, there is a need for a global-level rule of law, security mechanisms, and citizenship with the same rights, freedoms, and obligations.

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