Test-gaming Crypto Football

Recently I was invited to test a new blockchain/crypto game called Crypto Football.

I am playing and following the development of blockchain games such as Merge Cats and War of Ants. As a gamer and crypto entrepreneur, I think that blockchain gaming and AR gaming are the future of the 2020s. And it is not only about gaming but about community, markets, and innovation.

Here are some thoughts about Crypto Football:

  • It reminds me of playing table football when it comes to how the ball is being passed and kicked.
  • Players’ movement reminds me of both ice-skating and rugby since pushing each other is allowed.
  • There is no referee, no fouls, and not many rules.
  • The game is very relaxing since one can play 3–4 games in less than 10 minutes.
  • There are several gaming alternatives, including tournament mode.
  • This game could be very popular among people who gamed Pro Evolution Soccer and similar games on Play Station 1 during the 1990s

There are also some things I hope can be improved in the later stage of the game. For example, the game could include both a World Cup, European Cup, Africa Cup, etc, it could have a “Training mode”, could have some more cool effects such as that when a player gets pushed by another player, it creates some “explosion” icon.

Also, the game is going to have its market and community economy. It is to connect by using a Metamask wallet. More info via the Twitter page.

For more info:




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Vladan Lausevic

Vladan Lausevic

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