The oldest video about Bitcoin on Youtube?

Vladan Lausevic
3 min readMar 5, 2023

I have been searching for the oldest video about Bitcoin published on Youtube. Since the search is not based on “rocket science,” I have used the following method:

1. Open

2. Type “bitcoin before:2009–07–01” in the search field

3. Go through the results

As you can see, the top 3 videos showing up include the word “Bitcoin” in them. However, none of them is about Bitcoin, and they all had a name change at some point, probably during the 2010s.

After searching by 2009–07–01, I did new searches by moving the date one month forward by searching on 2009–08–01 and 2009–09–01. After searching before 2009–10–01, I got the following result from the still active channel The Reel Deal with Tom Konkle by actor Tom Konkle. The video mentions Brian Armstrong, who in 2012 co-founded the crypto company Coinbase.

This video is interesting for its content and has a name containing aspects of decentralization. The video’s name was probably changed at some point while the content is about the following things:

- Bohey dollars


- Online account

- Virtual wealth and shopping mall

- Wealth creation system

- “Pretend money”

The video is not directly mentioning cryptocurrencies or blockchain while. It mentions several words and aspects connected to discussions about digital, virtual, and decentralized economic terms and functions. It should be noted that the video was published around one year after Bitcoin was created.

After the video mentioning Brian Armstrong, I continued to search every month until reaching 2010–12–01 and saw the following result with the video “What is Bitcoin?”

The channel “Bitcoin Poet” is inactive, and the last post was made five years ago. The Bitcoin video was made using Xtranormal movie-making software many people used in the early 2010s. Also, the video has more than 50 000 views and 187 comments, of which the most recent comment was made one year ago.

Thereby, this video is one of the absolute first videos about Bitcoin published on YouTube. And I agree with the recent comment by Random Jose since the video is a small but important part of Bitcoin’s, cryptos and decentralization history.

Please write and comment if you have more information or sources about the early Bitcoin videos.

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