Witcoin — a new Learn 2 Earn coin

Vladan Lausevic
3 min readApr 8, 2023

The following article is based on a limited amount of information. Please check the links criticizing Witcoin for “scam warning” and the links about user experience.

Witcoin is a platform designed for users to simultaneously learn, play, and earn real rewards. It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to earn coin rewards while enjoying learning, gaming, and teaming up with friends. The app offers multiple methods to earn coins and build assets, such as participating in quizzes, referring friends, and mining coins.

The app features “Quiz to Earn,” where users can join quizzes to test their knowledge and win prizes from a Billion Prize Pool. Teaming up with friends can increase the chances of winning. Another earning method is “Invite to Earn,” where users can refer friends and earn rewards. Additionally, users can “Dig to Earn,” mining gold coins at their own pace and earning rewards with the help of advanced tools.

Witcoin claims to be an excellent app for those looking to earn cryptocurrency easily, but its legitimacy is questionable. Some users report that they have not received any payments or withdrawals, and some sources consider the app a scam. Witcoin is an unregulated investment platform that is unreliable and potentially illegal. This risks users’ funds, as the company can occasionally disappear without notice.

Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot offer any protection for their clients. Regulated firms are required by law to adhere to various regulations that ensure the safety of clients’ funds. Witcoin does not provide enough information on its website, has poor communication, and refuses to answer questions. It may also charge high fees and commissions and may not let users withdraw money from their accounts.

The app has been flagged as unsafe and a potential scam, making promises that it cannot deliver, such as significant earnings. It is unregulated and lacks transparency, withholding vital information from users. This raises concerns about the security of funds and the risk of data falling into the wrong hands during registration.

The app has been accused of employing tactics to avoid releasing users’ funds, such as urging clients to make additional trades, charging high withdrawal fees, and ceasing communication. If Witcoin is using these tactics, exercising caution and considering alternative platforms is essential.

In summary, Witcoin is an app designed to help users earn cryptocurrency through quizzes, referrals, and mining. However, its legitimacy and safety are questionable due to its unregulated nature and reported issues with withdrawals. Users should approach Witcoin with caution and consider other, more reliable platforms for earning cryptocurrency.

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